About Bright

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Visitor Information and Booking Services

Several visitor information centres and booking services operate in Bright.  These businesses can help you find activities and attractions to visit...

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Bright is a different experience each season

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The inland mountain climate includes a frost free period in spring, hot summers days with cool valley breezes at night, heavy frosts in winter, hig...

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Parks + Gardens

 The Ovens Valley at Bright is just over 310m above sea level and this together with the winter frosts, rich acidic valley soils and rainfall deter...

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Facilities & Services

BANKS and ATMs Bright has four banks, the Commonwealth, ANZ , NAB and Bendigo Bank with ATMs at all banks. There is a Westpac ATM outside the IGA ...

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History + Heritage

 Waves of Visitors The area of the sub alpine valleys and the surrounding high plains has always experienced waves of visitors though they have not...

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Town Attractions

 ART GALLERY Bright Art Gallery runs the Autumn Art Show from Easter to mid May and the Fine Arts Exhibition in late October and early November eac...

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Towns Nearby

The small towns surrounding Bright have heaps to offer   Eurobin Porepunkah Wandiligong Freeburgh + Smoko Harrietville    

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