A gourmet picnic of lazy days and shady rivers.  Catching fresh trout in an alpine stream and sipping the great wines of the alpine valleys at a street side café.  The heart of the gourmet district offers freshly picked berries, home made ice creams, cheese, wine, tantalizing restaurants and cool evening breezes.  Concerts at the Sound Shell in Howitt Park make the evening BBQ even more enjoyable.  Music and laughter resound as people of every age make the most of summer in Bright.

Go to the Bright in Summer video and see for your self what Bright has to offer in summer.


Summer - Main Festivals & Events:

  • Tour of Bright Bike Race December Ph: 03 5756 2403
  • Twilight Market Ireland Street Bright January Ph: 03 5755 2395
  • Alpine Valley Gourmet Weekend Bright January Ph: 03 57 511575
  • Audax Alpine Classic Bike Ride Bright January Ph: 0500 800 334
  • Paragliding Championships Bright February Ph: 03 57 551753

Other Events:

  •     Markets everywhere, bike races, golf tournaments.
  •     Howitt Park Sound Shell entertainment most weekends, etc.
  •     Contact 1800 111 885, 03 5750 1233 for further information on these and other regional events.