Paragliding World Cup

For the first time in over two decades, Australia will host the renowned Paragliding World Cup aerial extravaganza in Bright, Victoria from 17-24 February.

In what will be one of the most competitive and prestigious worldwide events of its kind, the Paragliding World Cup will showcase the aerial expertise of 120 of the most accomplished Race Cross Country Paragliding pilots from across the globe.

The week-long event will consist of daily competitions among the archetypal high peaks and valleys of the Victorian Alpine region.

Each race will challenge pilots to fly routes at altitudes of up to 3000 metres, that will often cover over 100 kilometres in 4-5 hours of highly competitive racing.

These daily paragliding cross country races will certainly provide a uniquely spectacular sight with the large gaggles of paraglider wings, all battling for best lift and quickest glide-lines among the strong alpine thermals.  

Part of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia- the North East Victoria Hang-Gliding Club will host the elite group of pilots, who are travelling from 34 different countries, including the top tier of our Australian competitive paragliders.

The Australian Paragliding World Cup Bright Events Manager, David Snowden said the World Cup would offer a visual display of colour and thrills for the general public.

“After more than two decades, we are honoured for Australia to again host this outstanding, world-class event, which will showcase the best paragliders from around the globe in a week-long aerial spectacular,” said David Snowden.


“Reaching speeds of 80 kph and altitudes of up to 3000 metres, the skies over Bright will come alive, as paragliders compete for the ultimate recognition of their sport.


“The event viewing will be free and open to the public who can also follow the races online via PWCA.ORG through Live GPS tracking of all the pilots.” 

“Special thanks go to Victoria Sports, Alpine Shire, North East Victoria Hang-Gliding Club (NEVHGC) and the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA) for their assistance and to the many local and national supporting sponsors for their contributions. Also, a big thank you to the volunteers, marshals and organisation staff for their massive time and effort for ensuring that the Australian Paragliding World Cup in February will be the most prestigious paragliding event of the decade.”

The opening celebrations take place at the Scenic Howitt Park Riverside Dome on Saturday 17th February, with daily racing flown from local hang gliding sites from Mystic, Gundowering and Pines.  The final presentation evening will be at the Bright Community Centre on Saturday 24th February from 7.00pm. 


For more information head to: PWCBright2018.com