Four Wheel Driving

 Many popular 4WD routes in the high country are closed during winter and early spring to protect against track damage which is expensive to repair.  Tracks can also be closed due to storm or bushfire damage or fallen trees.  Log trucks can be encountered without warning.  Despite this there are still some routes that remain open close to Bright and are suitable for using during drier weather. 

These include Demon Ridge (south of Clear Spot Lookout) and other ridge tracks.  There are plenty of maps for of the area for initial planning and getting a feel for the area.  Detailed contour maps are needed before going 4WDriving and you should be prepared for all eventualities.  Do not rely solely on mobile phones for communications as they do not work in all Alpine areas.  Some makes of car GPS equipment is also unreliable in remote mountain area and even in some small country towns.

High country weather can change very quickly with below zero temperatures, wind, fog and snow.  More Detailed notes on suggested 4WD routes and information on 4WD Tours are available at the local Visitor Information Centre.

Contact: Parks Victoria office in Bakers Gully Road Bright – 03 5755 0000 (open 9 to 5 weekdays) for further advice or check Parks Vic 13 1963, Vic Roads 13 1170 or Alpine Shire 5755 0555 for road/track closures and/or conditions.


Mt Porepunkah Circuit

Distance: 40km  Travel Time: 2 hours

Rating: Rough 2WD, Easy 4WD.

Season: All year.  May be closed by snow in winter and early spring.  Strictly dry weather only.

Maps: Bright 1:25,000, Buffalo 1:100,000.

Start: Bright – Star Rd, Toorak Rd., Mt. Porepunkah Rd. via Quinns Gap, Mt. Porepunkah.

Clear Spot – Buckland Valley Circuit

Distance: 33 km      Travel Time: 1.5hrs

Rating: Rough 2WD, Easy 4WD.

Season: All Year.

Maps: Bright, Wandiligong 1:25,000, Buffalo 1:100,000

Start: Bright – Bakers Gully Rd, Clear Spot Rd, Clear Spot.

Return: Dingo Ridge Tk, Prosser Rd, Egglestons Lne, Buckland Valley Rd, return to Bright via Porepunkah.

Features of trip: Pine Plantations, excellent views of Mt Buffalo and Feathertop from Clear Spot where there is a directional cairn to help you identify surrounding mountains.  Beware of logging trucks on plantation roads.

Demon Ridge – Wandiligong Circuit

Distance: 36km  Travel Time: 1.5 to 2 hrs

Rating: Easy 4WD (rough 2WD to Clear Spot).

Season: Summer, strictly dry weather only.

Maps: Bright Wandiligong 1:25,000, Buffalo 1:100,000.

Start: Bright – Bakers Gully Rd, Clear Spot Rd Demon Ridge Rd., (0 dist. Meter), Stans Rd (Mudhole Rd on 1:25,000 map).  Take left hand Rd 5.3kms from Clear Spot Rd. & start of the Demon Ridge Rd., Branch Ck Rd.

Return: Bright via Wandiligong Rd.

Features of trip: Views east into Morses Valley and east to Mt. Buffalo.  Picturesque crossing at Mudhole Ck on Stans Rd.

Wet Gully – Wandiligong Circuit

Distance: 48kms    Travel Time: 2.5hrs

Rating: Easy – Medium 4WD.

Season: Strictly Summer.

Maps: Bright, Wandiligong, Freeburgh, Harrietville 1:25,000 and Buffalo Bogong 1:100,000

Start: Wandiligong Rd, Morses Ck Tk Mongrel Tk Four Ways Intersection.

Return: Wet Gully Tk, Back Wandiligong Rd, Bright – Churchill Ave.

Features of trip: Excellent views east towards the higher peaks of Feathertop and Fainters (Alpine National Park) and far below into Morses Creek and Ovens Valleys.  Track at times winds through Alpine Ash and Snow Gum woodland above 1100m.